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Strategic Sourcing

All-Pro Fasteners believes strategic sourcing is the foundation of the purchasing function. Analyzing the supplier market, identifying potential quality suppliers to work with, planning negotiations strategy, integrating suppliers into your business and monitoring their performance to create a successful purchasing and supply chain management solution for our customers.

APF’s Strategic Sourcing Solutions Are Based On Five Simple Rules:

  • Identify the critical items
  • Select a sourcing strategy
  • Identify qualified suppliers
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Monitor supplier performance

There are two key points with strategic sourcing that benefit our customers. One benefit is that by having a stable relationship with our key suppliers, APF can ensure that our customers have a steady supply of both bottleneck items and other necessary goods. Additionally, our ability to maintain a superior reputation allows us flexibility in working with vendors to guarantee the best quality and service.

International Sourcing

Partner with us and take the apprehension, uncertainty and complexity out of finding an International strategic sourcing process. Our goal is to not only offer reduced costs but to also ensure only quality products enter our client’s facilities. APF has years of experience in matching our customers proprietary needs with vendor capabilities and expertise. In addition, we are consistently working with representatives and laboratories throughout Asia checking manufacturing processes and maintaining quality assurance in the Asian market. Our strategy is to control the manufacturing process throughout the entire order from purchase to stock in order to balance cost, quality and on time delivery. Furthermore, our customers can feel comfortable knowing All-Pro Threaded's domestic manufacturing can supplement new import items keeping their line moving. All-Pro Fasteners is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our Quality lab is A2LA accredited. Our quality assurance program enables buyers to have complete confidence when purchasing critical application and safety related products.

All-Pro Fasteners is continuously expanding our offered services for customers, if you would like to discuss the opportunities for you company, please give us a call at 1-800-361-6627 or contact us.